Medipark provides a self-contained environment for domestic/international companies.

Strategic approach to medtech development

Collaboration between government agencies, research institutes, academia and business networks converge to create a holistic approach to development of medtech sector in Medipark. Working in an integrated and connected environment helps manufacturing units to share ideas, innovate, and secure business success. Our sophisticated ecosystem is focused on maximizing opportunities and driving growth.

Dedicated Infrastructure


Social Infrastructure

Common Facilities

Plug and play Industrial Plots

Knowledge Management Infrastructure

Plug and Play Factory Units

Enabling ecosystem

Chennai provides a vibrant ecosystem for manufacturing sector.

Chennai has a diversified economic base comprising of strong manufacturing and services sectors.

Proactive policy and governance framework.

Ecosystem Attractiveness

The existing industrial ecosystem in Chennai with its developed automotive, IT, and telecom sectors and the presence of highly reputed research and academic institutions, makes it a perfect zone to emerge as a world-class manufacturing hub for medical devices and equipment. Chennai has several competitive advantages as a hub for medical technology sector.

lower cost

Take advantage of lower operational cost benefits in Chennai.

Skilled Manpower

Chennai’s well-trained and disciplined manpower are highly regarded and well-sought after. Every year, over 5000 students graduate from the city’s 40 plus engineering colleges and polytechnics

hub for OEM’s

With 30% of the country’s automobile manufacturing located in Chennai, there is a large pool of OEMs which can be leveraged by the medical technology sector


Large-scale industry-academia collaborations are catalysing knowledge-based industries and R&D ventures in the region

Converging Sector

Chennai’s diversified economic base opens the scope for convergence with medtech sector

Academic centres of excellence

Chennai is the forefront in providing high-class technical education.